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Adhesive Glue for Low-viscosity

Deepmaterial manufacturing custom adhesives
for low-viscosity application

Industrial Adhesive Solution for Low-viscosity

DeepMateriacl is the best Industrical adhesives

DeepMaterial conducts in-depth research on the application scenarios and characteristics of customers’ low-viscosity adhesives. Combined with customer needs, the professional R&D team customizes high-performance products and overall solutions that are not limited by demand, making adhesive products more suitable for customers’ actual applications and helping customers Customers improve their processes.

DeepMaterial’s low-viscosity adhesives are used in medical equipment and other products, including DM-6693 series, which are classic medical-grade needle adhesives, with low viscosity and good process performance. It is specifically designed for bonding stainless steel cannula, syringe and lancet components.

DM-6697 Low Viscosity Adhesive is an acrylic one-component UV adhesive with low viscosity and high curing speed. Improves bond strength and the ability to absorb shock in the bonded area. fluorescence. It is used to bond strongly softened PVC. It also shows good adhesion to other thermoplastics such as polycarbonate and ABS. It is suitable for connecting single-purpose medical equipment. Flexible, shock-absorbing, suitable for bonding thermoplastic materials, especially for bonding high plasticity PVC.

DM-6303 low-viscosity adhesive is a one-component epoxy resin adhesive is a filling resin that can be reused in CSP (FBGA) or BGA. It heals quickly when exposed to heat. It is designed to provide good protection against failure due to mechanical stress. Low viscosity allows gap filling under CSP or BGA.

Finding the right the low-viscosity adhesives, so contact us, the DeepMaterial’s expert will give you the true help.