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Adhesive Glue for Heat-Cured

Deepmaterial manufacturing custom adhesives
for heat-cured application

Industrial Adhesive Solution for heat-cured

DeepMateriacl is the best Industrical adhesives

Thermosetting adhesives are adhesives that use thermosetting resins containing reactive groups as binders. When adding a curing agent or heating, the liquid adhesive molecules can be further polymerized and cross-linked into a body-shaped network structure, forming an insoluble and infusible solid adhesive layer to achieve the purpose of bonding.

Advantages of heat-curing adhesives: high bonding strength, heat resistance, aging resistance, and excellent chemical resistance.

Disadvantages of heat-cure adhesives: poorer impact strength, peel strength and initial bond.

DeepMaterial’s COB encapsulating adhesives can be thermally or UV cured DeepMaterial’s COB encapsulation adhesive can be heat cured or UV-cured with high reliability and low thermal swelling coefficient, as well as high glass conversion temperatures and low ion content. DeepMaterial’s COB encapsulating adhesives protect leads and plumbum, chrome and silicon wafers from the external environment, mechanical damage and corrosion.