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Adhesive glue for ceramics

Deepmaterial manufacturing custom adhesives
for ceramics application

Industrial adhesive application for ceramics

DeepMateriacl is the best industrial adhesives for ceramics

Deepmaterial is a China industrial adhesive manufacturer specializing in (supplying) adhesives for ceramics. We have been manufacturing high quality adhesives for over 10 years. From metal, wood, and foam to cardboard, plastic, and glass, our industrial adhesives have been developed and enhanced over time to adhere to almost any product and material via adhesion or cohesion.

For Ceramics

For Ceramics
For Ceramics
For Ceramics

Ceramic materials are inorganic compounds that are typically rigid and very brittle. They are generally electrically non-conductive and have good heat resistance and resistance to harsh chemicals. The brittleness of ceramics often calls for toughened grades of adhesive which can resist the different thermal expansion rates between the ceramic and adjoining substrate.


Ceramic adhesives are divided into ceramic organic  adhesives and ceramic inorganic  adhesives


Ceramic organic adhesives mainly include: ceramic adhesives of epoxy system, the main performance difference between organic silicon ceramic adhesives and ceramic inorganic adhesives is temperature resistance, and the highest temperature resistance of organic adhesives is usually Between 100-250 degrees, the highest generally does not exceed 400 degrees. Ceramic organic  adhesives can be soft and elastic or hard and rigid.


The temperature range of ceramic inorganic  adhesives is usually between 600-1750 degrees Celsius. Ceramic inorganic  adhesives are usually rigid and rigid.


Ceramic adhesives are mainly used for bonding ceramic products, such as ceramic cylinders, household porcelain bowls, etc., and can be used as caulking of ceramic products.


Finding the right the ceramic adhesives, needs involves choosing likely candidates and testing them in your application. Knowing more about how adhesion works can help you find the right path, so contact us, the DeepMaterial’s expert will give you the true help.