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Adhesive Glue for High-viscosity

Deepmaterial manufacturing custom adhesives
for high-viscosity application

Industrial Adhesive Solution for high-viscosity

DeepMateriacl is the best Industrical adhesives

DeepMaterial continues to modify the application of adhesives and resin materials, will break through the technical bottlenecks such as curing time, open operation time and bonding strength of any structural adhesive in the world, thereby forming no open time, no curing time (super fast nanosecond curing),high viscosity new adhesives with high bonding strength will break the current use of electronic products and compo-nent assembly, precision sensors, PCB circuit board substrate processing, PCB circuit board etching processing (etching process above 195nm), new energy (battery and wind power potting, bonding).

DM-6670 high-viscosity Adhesive is a UV-curable adhesive is a one component, high viscosity, UV-curable adhesive. The product is mainly used for sound, speakers and other voice coil sound film bonding, in sufficient intensity of UV light can be quickly solidified to form a soft adhesive layer. The product shows good bonding properties to plastics, glass and most metals.

DM-6683 high-viscosity Adhesive is a classic medical-grade needle bonding adhesive, medium to high viscosity, high bonding strength. It is suitable for occasions that require greater gap filling capacity and flexibility of the adhesive layer at the joint, and is used to bond hard or flexible PVC to polycarbonate. Its flexibility improves the load bearing capacity of the bonding surface and improves the shock absorption characteristics. This product has excellent bonding ability to most substrates including glass, many plastics and most metals.

Finding the right the high-viscosity adhesives, so contact us, the DeepMaterialā€™s expert will give you the true help.