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Adhesive Glue for High-temperature

Deepmaterial manufacturing custom adhesives
for high-temperature application

Industrial Adhesive Solution for High-temperature

DeepMateriacl is the best Industrical adhesives

DeepMaterial COB encapsulating adhesives are formulated with heat-curing epoxy, UV-curing acrylic, or silicone chemistries for good electrical insulation, good high temperature stability and thermal shock resistance, electrical insulating properties over a wide temperature range, and low shrinkage, low stress, and chemical resistance when cured.

DeepMaterial Conductive silver adhesive is a one-component modified epoxy/silicone adhesive developed for the integrated circuit packaging and LED new light sources, flexible circuit board (FPC) industries. After curing, the product has high electric conductivity, heat conduction, high temperature resistance and other high reliable perfor-mance. The product is suitable for high-speed dispensing, dispensing good type protection, no deformation, no

collapse, no diffusion; The cured material is resistant to moisture, heat and high temperature. Can be used for crystal packaging, chip packaging, LED solid crystal bonding, low temperature welding, FPC shielding and other purposes.

DeepMaterial provides a comprehensive range of one-component and two-component epoxy and acrylic structural adhesives, suitable for structural bonding, sealing and protection operations. DeepMaterial’s full range of structural adhesive products have regardless of curing speed and high temperature, DeepMaterial’s full range of structural adhesive products have excellent performance, which can fully meet customers’ electronic assembly needs.