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Adhesive glue for electrical appliances

Deepmaterial manufacturing custom adhesives
for electrical appliances application

Industrial adhesive application for electrical appliances

DeepMateriacl is the best industrial adhesives for electrical appliances

Deepmaterial is a China industrial adhesive manufacturer specializing in (supplying) adhesives for electrical appliances. We have been manufacturing high quality adhesives for over 10 years. From metal, wood, and foam to cardboard, plastic, and glass, our industrial adhesives have been developed and enhanced over time to adhere to almost any product and material via adhesion or cohesion.

For Electrical Appliances

For Electrical Appliances
For Electrical Appliances

Deepmaterial has an incredible amount of experience in the home appliance industry. We produce high-quality adhesives that are currently being used in the manufacture of various household appliances, like freezers, refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machine. Manufacturers of home appliances can count on our suite of products, global footprint, and technical support of various kinds.
We now live in an era where enhanced energy efficiency and smart features have become the focal point in most consumer appliances. The implication is that manufacturers of household appliances can no longer afford to use subpar materials in producing these appliances, so as to enable them last the test of time.

Home appliance assembly has never been more efficient with Deepmaterial’ unique brand of adhesives. Not only that, our adhesives have been branded as unique because they have proven to overcome most of the challenges that plague the industry, like surfaces that are hard to bond, higher temperature, automation, and a host of other issues. For instance, Deepmaterial has various household appliance solutions that include appliance gaskets, which makes it possible for long-lasting adhesion to occur between different substrates like glass, steel, and plastic.

Deepmaterial’ appliance assembly solution is perfect for a number of appliance assembly process, like:
• Microwave/Oven/Stove
• Freezer/Refrigerator
• Dryer/Washer
• Vacuum cleaner

Having being in the appliance market for donkey years, with a great wealth of experience in energy efficiency, aesthetics, as well as connectivity, we’ve been able to come up with adhesives for appliance assembly that can ensure:

• Electronic protection
• Insulation & thermal efficiency
• Design flexibility

A good example is our polyurethane, foam-ready, and hot melt adhesives. It has the ability to guarantee customer satisfactions by making the product more enticing, without compromising durability.

• Enhanced productivity: We have adhesives that can cater to automated production lines.
• Cost-effective: It enables you to use less materials, without generating any waste.
• Better sustainability: These adhesives lower application temperature and can also ensure cleaning of empty drums for the purpose of smooth recycling.


It is noteworthy that Deepmaterial has a suite of appliance adhesives, which includes mechanical adhesives, instant adhesives, flexible sealants, and structural adhesives. These adhesives are not only rated as one of the best when it comes to device assembly. Also, they are noted for reducing the cost of production while increasing productivity and efficiency.

Deepmaterial’ line of adhesives offers robust and long-term durability to different substrates like glass, plastic, as well as steel bonding. They also have assembly solutions that are meant for materials as well as other items that promise assembly integrity such as windows, frames, and bonding cooktops.

Display Materials

Deepmaterial is also into material solutions reserved for Flat Panel Display, offering various products that ensure outstanding reliability and efficient manufacturing. We have display material products that comprise pin termination/temporary bonding, encapsulates, ITO/COG coatings, post-infusion cleaners, and rework strippers.

Deepmaterial specializes in optically bond adhesives, as well as other display bonding solutions suitable for modern touchscreen designs. Some of these adhesives are epoxy, resin, and acrylic formulations.

Structural and Elastomeric Materials

Insulating and structural bonding, and appliance sealants, as well as adhesives have critical roles to play when it comes to appliance assembly, particularly in the area of enhancing energy efficiency and durability. Using insulation appliance of high quality can aid the reduction of energy consumption, whereas structural materials will be there to offer the extra durability and strength.

Thermal Materials

Home appliances in today’s age have become smaller and smarter, boasting more functionalities even with their small size. That said, more heat is generated in such appliances. Therefore, the effective management of heat is necessary for the appliance to work well and lasts the test of time.

Our different phase change categories with materials that are thermally conductive in film or paste form allows customers to meet their various manufacturing needs, like automation, material thickness, and dispensing patterns.


Deepmaterial’ zeal to extend their dominance in the appliance assembly industry given that they now own Sonderhoff. We offer trusted appliance silicone, 2K polyurethane sealants and innovative foam-ready gasket solutions meant to offer protection to appliances from moisture, dust, and other pollutants.

Gasket sealants produced by Deepmaterial are deemed as a preferable option to hard gaskets within electrical assemblies. These adhesives are used for refrigerators door gaskets to ensure that mating flanges are completely sealed, preventing any form of leakage. Our gasket appliance sealants will help you save as much as 95% in materials, much higher than in hard gaskets, with flexible design options that will reduce manufacturing cost.

Protecting Materials/Circuit Board Protection/Connection Materials

Regularly used electronics with high-performance abilities ought to be protected from any harmful environmental conditions as well as external disturbances. Deepmaterial has coating solutions that offer PCBs protection from chemical contaminants and moisture, while our board-level EMI shielding and package materials offer adequate resistance for smart devices that are wirelessly enabled. The fact that they are populated with high-density, high-value components means they require protection from shock and vibration.

Making sure all components function with efficiency is what Deepmaterial’s suite of materials are meant for. Our collection of solder materials, high reliability alloys, lead-free alloys, zero-halogen solder and conductive adhesives are perfect for facilitating electrical interconnections on a board.

We have a dedicated team of scientists and engineers that understand a wide set of application requirements, process objectives, as well as manufacturing requirements to provide advisory services that guarantee maximum results.

Cyanoacrylate Adhesives for Appliance Assembly

Substrates like plastic, ceramic, metal, and glass can easily bonded a single cyanoacrylate adhesive great for attaching door seals, company logos, tactile switches and control knob. UV/Vis are perfect for reducing production costs, cut down wastes and enhance output of cabinets, displays, circuit assemblies and control panels. Such eco-friendly solutions help to guarantee durability, providing strong bonding, and are free from any solvents. Form-ready gaskets specially for washers, ranges, dryers, air conditioners, and cutting tools cure speedily, cutting down labor costs, enhancing product designs and alleviating inventory/footprint needs.

Epoxy System Performance Properties for the Assembly of Appliances

The various types of Master Bond epoxy adhesives meant for subassembly applications and white/brown appliances are.
• Swift cures for assembly application with high speed
• Resistance to shock, impact, and vibration.
• Enhanced resistance to flame, steam, moisture, and chemical.
• Better electrical insulations
• Electrical and thermal conductivity
• Corrosion protected

In addition, all our products are meant to enhance aesthetics, withstand low/high temperatures, absorb sound, prevent cold/heat loss, and extreme pressure.