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Adhesive glue for Medical

Deepmaterial manufacturing custom adhesives
for medical application

Industrial adhesive application for medical

DeepMateriacl is the best industrial adhesives for medical

Deepmaterial is a China industrial adhesive manufacturer specializing in (supplying) adhesives for medical. We have been manufacturing high quality adhesives for over 10 years. From metal, wood, and foam to cardboard, plastic, and glass, our industrial adhesives have been developed and enhanced over time to adhere to almost any product and material via adhesion or cohesion.



The medical glue is a one-component semi-fluid transparent room temperature curing high-strength adhesive silicone glue. It has high and low temperature resistance, UV resistance, chemical medium resistance, aging resistance and excellent insulation, moisture resistance, shock resistance, corona resistance, and leakage resistance. It is often used in the production and processing technology of molding silicone adhesive silicone and silicone adhesive plastic at room temperature; the applications include: silicone medical supplies, silicone baby products, silicone health care products, silicone miscellaneous products, silicone tableware, electronic power, etc.

When choosing medical glue, in addition to considering the base material to be bonded, strength requirements, curing speed, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, fluid resistance, flexibility and other standards, the non-toxic, safety and environmental protection of the glue must also be considered .

Advantages of medical glue:

.No smell, no bleaching

.Quick curing simplifies the process

.Good chemical resistance

.High temperature resistance

.Super flexibility

.Suitable for bonding different substrates

Application of medical glue:

Injection needles, safety syringes, butterfly needles, Blood Catheter, Infusion Catheter, Breathing Catheter, Blood filters, dialyzers, infusion containers, Inflatable balloons, breathing masks, oxygen masks

Finding the right medical glue for you, needs involves choosing likely candidates and testing them in your application. Knowing more about how adhesion works can help you find the right path, so contact us, the DeepMaterialā€™s expert will give you the true help.