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Adhesive glue for printed circuit boards

Deepmaterial manufacturing custom adhesives
for printed circuit boards application

Industrial adhesive application for printed circuit boards

DeepMateriacl is the best industrial adhesives for printed circuit boards

Deepmaterial is a China industrial adhesive manufacturer specializing in (supplying) adhesives for printed circuit boards. We have been manufacturing high quality adhesives for over 10 years at Deepmaterial. From metal, wood, and foam to cardboard, plastic, and glass, our industrial adhesives have been developed and enhanced over time to adhere to almost any product and material via adhesion or cohesion.

Glue For Fixing Camera Module and PCB Board

Glue For Fixing Camera Module and PCB Board

Strong Operability

Strong Operability
Fast Curing

Fast Curing


1. It is used in the reinforcement and bonding of the product camera module and the PCB;
2. Dispense glue on the corners of the four sides to form a protective weir;
3. Enhance the bonding strength of CMOS module and PCB;
4. Disperse and reduce the tension and stress of bumps caused by vibration;
5. Avoid high temperature baking of traditional glue, to avoid damage to components or affect their performance.


DeepMaterial recommends using low temperature curing epoxy glue, also known as camera module glue, one-component heat curing epoxy glue, high viscosity, excellent weather resistance, good electrical insulation properties, long life, strong impact resistance.

DeepMaterial camera module glue, fast curing at 80 ℃ low temperature, can well avoid the loss of camera raw material parts caused by high temperature baking, and the yield will be greatly improved.

DeepMaterial low-temperature curing vinyl has strong operability, convenient construction, and is very suitable for continuous production line operations.