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Adhesive glue for plastics

Deepmaterial manufacturing custom adhesives
for plastics application

Industrial adhesive application for plastics

DeepMateriacl is the best industrial adhesives for plastics

Deepmaterial is a China industrial adhesive manufacturer specializing in (supplying) adhesives for plastics. We have been manufacturing high quality adhesives for over 10 years at Deepmaterial. From metal, wood, and foam to cardboard, plastic, and glass, our industrial adhesives have been developed and enhanced over time to adhere to almost any product and material via adhesion or cohesion.

Glue For Plastics

for plastics
for plastics
for plastics
For plastics

The glue used for plastic is a one-component room temperature curing deoxime type silicone rubber, neutral, and non-corrosive to plastics and metals.


It is often used to form silicone glued to plastic, silicone glued to metal, and it is required to achieve UV resistance, ozone resistance, weathering resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, thermal shock, shock resistance, moisture resistance, water resistance, high temperature resistance, etc. after bonding (it can be cured and bonded) Long-term use in the range of -60 ~ 200 ℃).


It is mainly used for the bonding of silica gel and silica gel, silica gel and plastic, silica gel and metal, such as: the bonding of silica gel products, silicone tableware, energy-saving lamps, LED spotlight frames, optical communication accessories, solar cell module frames, and junction boxes, etc. Sealing, sealing of electronic components, coating and bonding of industrial electrical equipment, etc. It has moisture-proof, shock-proof and insulating functions; it can also be used as a sealing and heat-insulating material for flight cabins, etc. It is an ideal elastic adhesive sealant for aerospace, aviation, and electronic and electrical industries.


Finding the right the glue used for plastic, needs involves choosing likely candidates and testing them in your application. Knowing more about how adhesion works can help you find the right path, so contact us, the DeepMaterial’s expert will give you the true help.