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Adhesive Glue for Low temperature

Deepmaterial manufacturing custom adhesives
for low temperature application

Industrial Adhesive Solution for Low temperature

DeepMateriacl is the best Industrical adhesives

Epoxy adhesives perform very well at low temperatures. They practically increase the strength of the bond, and their physical properties are higher than normal temperature. In fact, many epoxies can be used in low temperature applications for bonding, sealing, potting/encapsulation.

DM-6108 low temperature curing adhesive, typical applications include memory card, CCD or CMOS assembly. This product is suitable for low-temperature curing and can have good adhesion to various materials in a relatively short time.It is especially suitable for the occasions where the heat-sensitive element needs to be cured at a low temperature.

DM-6180 low temperature curing adhesive, fast curing at low temperature, used for the assembly of CCD or CMOS components and VCM motors. This product is specifically designed for heat-sensitive applications that require low-temperature curing. It can quickly provide customers with high-throughput applications, such as attaching light diffusion lenses to LEDs, and assembling image sensing equipment (including camera modules). This material is white to provide greater reflectivity.

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