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Adhesive Glue for High Peel Strength

Deepmaterial manufacturing custom adhesives
for high peel strength application

Industrial Adhesive Solution for High Peel Strength

DeepMateriacl is the best Industrical adhesives

The DM-6012 series products developed by DeepMaterial have a wide industrial window, an operating time of 120 minutes, and high bonding strength after curing. This is a high viscosity, long life, industrial grade epoxy adhesive. After mixing, the two-part epoxy cures at room temperature to form a tough amber contact surface with excellent peel and impact resistance.

Fully cured epoxy resins have excellent thermal shock resistance, excellent mechanical and electrical properties, and are resistant to a wide range of solvents and chemicals. Bonds dissimilar materials including metals such as aluminum and steel as well as various plastics and ceramics.

Typical applications include bonding nose cones in aerospace applications. For general industrial applications with low stress, high impact and high peel strength.

Finding the right the high peel strength adhesives, so contact us, the DeepMaterialā€™s expert will give you the true help.